Desert Safari In UAE | Before Visit Must Read | FAQs

Before you visit UAE, you need to know the key details. Here below you will get the complete answers to visit Dubai for Desert Safari and key places.

Among various places, the best 05 Places for Desert Safari in UAE are as follows. Approximately distance is 40 to 60 km, in Dubai’s surroundings.

  • Al Lahbab Desert 
  • Awir Desert
  • Liwa Desert
  • Jabel Maleihah
  • Al Faya Desert 

It’s all about services, entreating activities, and the type of Safari. The cost can be 200 to 350 AED per person. For more details

November to March is the best time for Desert Safari in UAE. As in the afternoon, the weather is generally very pleasant in these months.

Light, loose and fitted clothes of light colors are best to wear with open sandals. Sand particles can irritate you if you wear shoes and shorts.

Evening Desert Safari approximately will last around 6 to 7 hours including pick and drop. Normally it ends at 9 to 10 pm. Morning Desert Safari lasts around 04 hours. Safari Companies try to bring tourists back before the sun gets too hot in the morning.

The toilet, washroom, and rest room facility will be available there. Tourist Companies especially focus on these facilities of high standards.

Yes, children are allowed for Desert Safari activity.  As per UAE Government policy children must be accompanied by an adult during all the time of safari adventure.

Yes, you can drive during your Desert Safari adventure. You have to get acknowledgment and commitment from your tour operator.

Safety and Security are the first priority of tour operators during Desert Safari. Operators provide all kinds of safety cad gets before any riding. Trained and highly professional drivers know how to deal with dune bashing and other rough rides.

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