Desert Safari Dubai
Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai | Dubai Safari Offers (2024) | No Hidden Charges

Desert Safari Dubai is a very spectacular, adventurous, and memorable activity to explore the “Mesmerizing Desert Land” of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In this fast-paced and exhausting age, you will see the country’s famous desert landscape very closely like never before.

  • Speeding up and down on the sand dunes. 
  • Sitting on a camel and watching the sunset. 
  • Having dinner with your friends or loved ones, under the dense shadows of the stars.  
  • Arabic tunes with Belly Dance

Best Desert Safari Dubai Deals

Our Hand-Picked Desert Safari Deals for you!

Desert Safari – Inclusions & Exclusions

Free Inclusions

  • Dune Bashing
  • Sand-Boarding
  • Henna Painting (Limited)
  • Belly Dance
  • Fire Show & Tanura Dance
  • Short Camel Ride
  • Sheesha Smoking Facilty
  • Welcome Arabic Tea / Coffee
  • BBQ Dinner – Veg & non-Veg
  • Fresh Fruits & Sweet

Exclusions (Additionally Payable)

  • Bar Counter
  • Henna Painting (AED 20)
  • Sheesha at your table (AED 50)
  • Quad Bike (AED 150)
  • Dune Buggy Ride
  • Long Camel Ride (AED 20)
  • Pictures with Falcon (AED 10)
  • Horse Ride (AED 20)

Schedule & Timing

  • Pick-up Time: 02:00 PM – 2:30 PM
  • Drop Off Time: 08:30 PM – 09:30 PM
  • Total Duration: 06:00 Hrs (Approx)

Payment Method

  • Cash Payments – Upon Pick up
  • ATM / Online Transfer Accepted

Desert Safari Tour Overview

Pick & Drop

Pick & Drop From Home/Hotel/Centralized Meeting Locations Upon Package Type

Dune Bashing

Thrilling Dune Bashing on Sand Dunes in the desert on a 4×4 Land Cruiser, going high up on the Sand Hills and afterward sliding back on the ground.

Camel Trekking

Experience trekking over the desert by camel before getting a charge out of a superb Arabic buffet dinner and a night of energy at a standard Desert camp.

Desert Bedouin Camp

After the Dune bashing, Camel and Horse riding, ATV quad bike Ride, you will come into the base camp which is an old Arabic formed to enjoy the Entertainment Shows.


Upon arrival at the desert base camp, you will have with Arabic Qehwa, Tea, Coffee, and boundless water packs.

Buffet Dinner with BBQ

Stunning Universal Buffet with 15 Dishes, Veg and non-Veg Options, with a bit of Flame Grill (BBQ), Salads, and Arabic Dishes.

Live Entertainment Shows

Our Live Shows Include Tanura Dance, 2  Belly Dance Shows & Fire Show.

Conventional Arabic Costumes

On Dubai Desert Safari Tour, You’re welcome to put on Traditional Costumes for Photographs.

Buffet Food Menu in Desert Safari


  • Veg Samosa & Falafel with Mint Sauce

Salad Bar

  • Hammus Garnished With Olive Oil
  • Fatoush with Sliced Cucumber
  • Pasta Salad Flavored With Oregano
  • Rocca Leaves Salad & Colslow
  • Red / Green Cabbage & Mint Chutney / Raita


  • Fresh Cut Fruits & Rice Pudding

Main Course

  • Biryani Rice & Steam Rice
  • Channa Masala
  • Mix Veg. Curry
  • Asian Noodles
  • Dal Tadke Wali
  • Sauteed Veg

BBQ Station

  • BBQ Chicken
  • Chicken Tikka
  • Mutton Seekh Kabab

Highlights of Desert Safari in UAE

Desert Safari in UAE is not only fun with unique experiences but also an exciting activity. This activity will give you a chance to immerse with local Arabian Village & Desert Culture.

Bus Pickup Locations For Desert Safari


  • Day 2 Day Center Opposite Deira City Center
  • LuLu Hypermarket Behind Mall Of Emirates – Al Barsha
  • Spinneys Supermarket Next To Burjuman Center
  • Dragon Mart 1 Adnoc Gas Station Al Awir Road


  • Sharjah City Center Al Wahda Road, Sharjah
  • Sharjah Mega Mall Near Immigration Office
  • Sahara Center Al Nahda St. Near Ramada Hotel
  • Nesto Supermarket National Paint

Dune Bashing 4×4 SUVs Tour

Why Choose Buggy?

Dune Bashing is a very exciting, adventurous, and amazing activity that is an essential part of Desert Safari.

  • 4×4 SUVs with professional, experienced, and skilled drivers allow you to explore vast sandy mountains in a unique, thrilling, and adrenaline-pumping way.
  • Your heart fills with joy when a driver maneuvers vehicles over the mountains of sand. This experience gives you a variety of emotions.
  • A High-power vehicle asks you to witness of incredible power and capability during this amazing ride. 60 to 80 degrees climbing on Sandy Mountain is itself an experience that cannot be explained with words.
  • These ups and downs on sandy hills are like experiencing a roller-coaster on the sand.

Why Choose Us For Desert Safari in Dubai?

Desert Safari in UAE is not only fun with unique experiences but also an exciting activity. This activity will give you a chance to immerse with local Arabian Village & Desert Culture.

  • A desert safari offers you a variety of recreational opportunities that depend on the terrain. “Dune Bashing” with a four-wheel vehicle, is like enjoying a roller coaster in the desert. 
  • Bumping and thrilling rides at high speed is really remarkable. And this could be the most enjoyable ride for you and your loved ones. 
  • Another popular recreational activity is desert sketching, where you can surf the desert sands. If you are a ski bum or surfboard enthusiast, Desert Safari hosts you to enjoy this skillful activity. 
  • Catching the view of “Orange Sunset” during evening & overnight safari with deluxe arrangements is like “cherry on the top”. 
  • Other various fun opportunities including Desert Camping, where you can spend some time and experience Real Arabic Culture. 
  • You also get to witness of delicious local food, beautiful dances, and Arabic poetry etc. 

Desert Safari Dubai is a very interesting, amazing, beautiful and full of life adventure. During this adventure’s Safari tour, you will be entertained with some memorable activities.

These activities are Camel Riding, Dune Bashing with Quad Bikes and 4x4SUVs, Fat & Quad Bike Riding, Sand Boarding, Henna Tattooing, Shisha Corner and Well-Organized BBQ dinner. Loud music and professional belly dancers will give you more energy and entertainment.

Activities that Will Make Your Safari Tour Memorable

  • Dune Bashing 4×4 SUVs 
  • Dune Buggy 3000cc, V6 Engine 
  • Camel Riding In Desert Safari 
  • Henna Painting or Tattooing
  • Falconry during Desert Safari 
  • Sheesha Smoking 
  • Sand Boarding 
  • Quad Bike Riding 
  • Fat Bike Riding 
  • Traditional Belly Dancing

Dune Bashing

When you travel through these dunes then you will be surrounded by beautiful and amazing desert scenery. Remember, sand dunes change their visibility which is amazing to capture on screen if you have any interest in photography. 

Dune Bashing is not only an adventurous activity but also a reason which involves you with nature and freedom. Sandy Mountains offers you to whisper among the deep silence of the desert with your own adventures moves. 

It is really important to note and remember that safety is a priority. There is a clear line by authorities who bound that Dune Bashing must be according to the rules and regulations.

Dune Buggy 3000cc, V6 Engine 

Dune Buggy is a very powerful small vehicle which has a 3000cc V6 engine. Dune Buggy comparatively runs much faster & better on sand, other than any type of vehicle. As it is typically designed roofless with a rear-mounted engine. 

Its sophisticated tires, solid & well-designed suspension are a guarantee of thrill and joy screaming. It has a seating capacity of up to 4 passengers and a driver. 

While crossing high sand dunes, it is really amazing to stop at the top of dune and enjoy spectacular and amazing desert view with peace and silence.

  • Its sleek, pre-treated and wider tires genuinely help a lot in moving very quickly on sand mountains. Its high speed gives you an experience in which heart leaps into your throat. 
  • Experienced drivers and experts are reason to give an entirely different experience of high speed. 
  • You get the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of desert on a super-fast ride. As it runs, it throws sand several feet high behind it. 
  • The sights of the setting sun, along with breaking the deep silence while travelling at high speed over the sand dunes, this feeling cannot be described in words 
  • During its ride, all kinds of safety arrangements and measures must be taken with understanding.
  • Its sleek, pre-treated and wider tires genuinely help a lot in moving very quickly on sand mountains. Its high speed gives you an experience in which heart leaps into your throat. 
  • Experienced drivers and experts are reason to give an entirely different experience of high speed. 
  • You get the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of desert on a super-fast ride. As it runs, it throws sand several feet high behind it. 
  • The sights of the setting sun, along with breaking the deep silence while travelling at high speed over the sand dunes, this feeling cannot be described in words 
  • During its ride, all kinds of safety arrangements and measures must be taken with understanding.

It will be a very different and unique experience under the starry sky far away from the noise of the city. Crossing the sand dunes at full speed. Sometime you feel yourself in the air and realize that you are leaving the world behind. Dune bashing gives you a strange kind of fun, feeling and happiness.

Camel Riding in Desert Safari

Camel riding in the desert safari is a very romantic and great experience. It will introduce you to the beauty & delight of Arabian Sahara. It will be also wonderful social experience of local life for you. The camel riding experience gives you a unique insight into Arabian culture and life as well as being unique.

You will enjoy this ride not only with safety and security but also with autonomy. You will be very comfortable and safe during this camel ride. For this purpose, specially trained camels and trainers are hired.

  • The Camel Ride itself can be a very romantic experience that allows you to enjoy the beautiful and stunning scenery of majestic sand mountains and amazing desert landscapes. 
  • How beautiful and wonderful it can be, with complete silence and peace under the beautiful sky full of stars and moon. Its charm and beauty take you to another world. 
  • In this fast and temperate life, it can be a truly amazing experience to imagine what it was like for ancient people in ancient times. 
  • Watching the stars twinkling in the sky and finding your way around the night can be a truly amazing experience.

Henna Painting or Tattooing 

For those who want a bit more speed and freedom, quad biking is a great option. Our quad bikes are easy to operate and can be enjoyed by both adults and children. You’ll get to explore the desert at your own pace, following a designated trail that takes you through sand dunes and rocky terrain.

Original philosophy of Henna is to control body temperature in hot regions. With passage of time Henna Painting became an art and profession. Henna designs vary from region to region with different meanings according to culture.

Henna painting or tattooing is a colorful luxury that usually completes a desert safari experience. Here it is very important to note that Henna Painting is not allowed for persons under the age of 16.

  • Henna Painting or tattooing is very famous among Arabs and Muslims especially during their traditional occasions, activities & ceremonies.
  • As the permanent tattooing is strictly forbidden in Islam therefore Henna Painting became more famous among Muslims with its amazing creativity. 
  • Henna Tattooing and Painting is very safe for your skin as professional henna painters serve you on your own. It will be done by the local artists of Arabic art.
  • Variety of designs will be available and all choice will be yours. You can even ask to paint any design of your own choice from anywhere.
  • Expert designers, draw such beautiful Henna Painting or Tattoo on your feet, hand, neck or arm that incredibly make you noticeable.

Falconry During Desert Safari 

Basic meanings of Falconry are “Hunter or Armor” and it is Emirati Traditional Heritage. Falconry during desert safari in UAE is a very famous and popular activity. 

As it is never easy to have a Falcon as a pet, therefore during safari, it will be a worthwhile experience for you. During safari, trained falcons are taken along safari vehicles and you will get a chance to observe very closely “how they fly and react at the sound of their companions and trainers”. 

No doubt that it will be a very romantic, charming, memorable and exciting experience for you. But it is very important to remember during the falconry experience, that you must care and support falcons so that they will be protected and respected by you. 

  • It will be an amazing experience for you to see falcons fly and hunt. Professional falcon trainers will explain every act of falcon. How does a falcon react to the sound of a trainer? Which type of sound? How do falcons hunt? And how does it fly with complete freedom? 
  • You can take a falcon in your hand and fly it, if you love to experience falconry skills. 
  • Professionals’ falconry experts will be available who are very well aware of how to support and guide you.

Sheesha Smoking

Sheesha smoking is a traditional Emirati habit of tobacco. Actually, it is a combination of aromatic elements with concentrated nicotine. In Arabic Culture, normally you found this shisha smoking as a part of Arabic teahouses, cafes, restaurants and musical venues.

Remember that it is best to keep shisha smoking in moderation and in limit for safety reasons. Always be aware of laws and regulations and obey. 

  • During the desert safari, in the deep silence of the desert, under the open sky full of stars, shisha smoking will be a very refreshing, romantic and different experience for you. 
  • You can choose your favorite perfume and flavor of Shisha with delicious Arabic tea. 

Sand Boarding 

During a desert safari, sand boarding on top of the sand dunes gives a different kind of experience and joy. It is similar to snowboarding, but you will cross or down on sand dune instead of snow. 

Sand boarding has simple technique as all is about weight and balance on sand dunes. You must be well aware of its technique and other essential safety parameters. 

  • Sand boarding is a solo adventure in which you have to climb up to the top of the desired dune. Once you approach the top, you have to slide down with a standing position on a board. 
  • During the sand boarding, professionals will be available to make sure that you are fully protected and ready for this adventure. It will be a kind of double check of equipment and other safety gadgets like helmets etc.
  • As you speed down over the sand dunes, you’ll feel like you’re floating on a sea of sand. Sand dunes are not flat and it will be great fun to ride down with high speed. 

Quad Bike Riding 

As the name suggests, Quad is a 4-wheeler monster bike with a very powerful engine. Its powerful engine is fully capable of handling all kinds of challenges on top of the sand dunes. Riding such a bike on the sand dunes is also considered a virtue and it is much enjoyed in all Gulf States. 

During the ride of a quad bike, wearing a quality helmet is very necessary and important for safety. Helmet must be approved for such rides and vehicles. UAE concern authorities have high safety standards which we must take as a warning of self-protection. 

  • Riding and driving these Quad bikes while running over the sand dunes during a desert safari will be an amazing and energetic experience. As it is never easy for many people to own a Quad Bike and to enjoy riding on sand dune. 
  • Expert driver/trainer will brief you in details about its technicalities before you start riding alone. Females and even teens can enjoy its ride which will be very thrilling experience for them. 

Fat Bike Riding 

Fat bike is a rugged bicycle with oversized & wide tires, specially designed & modified to float on sand. Fat Bike Riding Safari is itself a complete package of safari which can be 2 to 5 hrs.

It will be a completely different experience for you as it directly relates with your muscular power & stamina. It is a very charming, romantic, diversifying experience that gives a unique chance to glimpse into desert life during “Cycling”.

Local rules and general restrictions will be well explained by experienced staff before riding. As all must follow the rules and regulations implemented by local authorities. 

  • During this riding, you will travel through big red dunes of desert and will enjoy different sceneries according to route. For this you need to be physically strong. You have to climb and descend on sand dunes and uneven paths during this safari by yourself. 
  • For fat bike riding safari, you must be mentally prepared and well equipped. Route organizer will instruct and guide about the safari route. 
  • Well-experienced professionals will help you and take precautions to make this ride more comfortable and enjoyable. 
  • Before riding, you have to understand the functions and abilities of Fat bike. You will be briefed about “How to maintain distance during fat bike riding?” and what should be the speed limit? 


Despite open hospitality with delights, Arabic tea & coffee, dates, alcoholic & nonalcoholic beverages, snacks and unlimited soft drinks and water, BARBQ dinner is always a very special part of desert safari and it will be a really varied and delicious experience for you. In the open sky, under the roof of stars, well managed and quality food will be served to you. Sitting and serving arrangements will be done by professionals and you will enjoy fresh and tasty food of your choice.

Traditional Belly Dancing 

Belly dance is also known as “Dance of the east”. It is a very popular activity during luxury desert safari in the UAE. This dance is performed by highly professional belly dancers in a central, beautifully decorated arena. 

  • Dancer performs on the beat of Arabic music, wearing colorful, amazing dresses. Arabic music includes duff, oud, rabab and other instruments. 
  • During belly dance performance, your polite and demeanor dignified behavior really matters a lot. 

There are Three Major Types of Desert Safari Dubai Packages & Deals:

Morning Desert Safari 

30 minutes of exciting dune bashing, with an adventure camp journey to enjoy quad bike riding, camel riding and sand boarding etc. This type of safari takes 2 to 3 hrs. in the morning.

Morning desert safari is the best option for the persons who are not interested in dinner, camping, belly dance etc. The persons who have busy schedules in the evening can enjoy this morning safari package. 

Evening Desert Safari 

Evening Desert Safari can be the most beautiful experience of your life, which anybody will remember for a long time as a golden memory. This type of well managed and organized safari can be a reason for your re-visit to the UAE. 

Charm of sunset into sand dunes with camel ride, sand boarding is a type of experience which cannot be explained into words. Dunes bashing, quad bike riding and other activities have their own attractions.  Beautiful henna designs & tattooing will be offered during this type of Safari. Shisha, delicious BarBQ dinner, with amazing belly dancing performance on Arabic tunes is like cherry on the top.

Overnight Desert Safari 

As the name describes very well, in this type of desert safari, you will explore the Arabian Desert at night. Watching the sun rise and set in the sea of sand will be a unique experience.  A soft breeze blow over the sand dunes in the deep silence, under a beautiful sky full of stars can be the moments which you will enjoy and you will feel like “first time in your life”. 

During this type of safari tour, you can also enjoy henna designs, camel ride, dune bashing, sand boarding, quad bike ride & traditional costumes etc. 

Belly dancing with a well-arranged delicious dinner has its own importance during this safari. Imagine, you are riding on a camel, during orange sunset and sand dunes are in front of you, far and far. It will be really mesmerizing & amazing. 


We manage Desert Safari Trip in the heart of the United Arab Emirates with commitment. You will enjoy scenic views & romantic atmosphere with an interesting and unique experience. On top of the beautiful sand dunes, desert Safari will bring you a unique, beautiful, heart-wrenching and energizing experience. 

 As we all know very well, the United Arab Emirates is most disciplined, modern, and prosperous, surrounded by other states like Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & Oman. The southern regions of the UAE are further dotted with beautiful sand dunes. These dunes have clean and crystal-white sand, which consists of crushed shells and corals. 

Journey on desert safari will start with hotel pick–up at exactly the given time and we will board you into 4×4 wheel drive. We offer an expert desert safari guide to explain and brief you about your trip with us.

We manage to move in a caravan of very sturdy and comfortable vehicles. As the caravan drives through the dry desert, the beauty of the desert will mesmerize you. Desert’s landscapes with yellow skies will fill your heart with joy.

As per plan and according to your safari program, there will be decided stop overs to enjoy beautiful scenery. During your safari, we will manage to visit one of the rafts where you will learn about remarkable architecture, old dwelling and local colors.