Falconry During Desert Safari 

Basic meanings of Falconry are “Hunter or Armor” and it is Emirati Traditional Heritage. Falconry during desert safari in UAE is a very famous and popular activity. 

As it is never easy to have a Falcon as a pet, therefore during safari, it will be a worthwhile experience for you. During safari, trained falcons are taken along safari vehicles and you will get a chance to observe very closely “how they fly and react at the sound of their companions and trainers”. 

No doubt that it will be a very romantic, charming, memorable and exciting experience for you. But it is very important to remember during the falconry experience, that you must care and support falcons so that they will be protected and respected by you. 

  • It will be an amazing experience for you to see falcons fly and hunt. Professional falcon trainers will explain every act of falcon. How does a falcon react to the sound of a trainer? Which type of sound? How do falcons hunt? And how does it fly with complete freedom? 
  • You can take a falcon in your hand and fly it, if you love to experience falconry skills. 
  • Professionals’ falconry experts will be available who are very well aware of how to support and guide you.