Sand Boarding 

During a desert safari, sand boarding on top of the sand dunes gives a different kind of experience and joy. It is similar to snowboarding, but you will cross or down on sand dune instead of snow. 

Sand boarding has simple technique as all is about weight and balance on sand dunes. You must be well aware of its technique and other essential safety parameters. 

  • Sand boarding is a solo adventure in which you have to climb up to the top of the desired dune. Once you approach the top, you have to slide down with a standing position on a board. 
  • During the sand boarding, professionals will be available to make sure that you are fully protected and ready for this adventure. It will be a kind of double check of equipment and other safety gadgets like helmets etc.
  • As you speed down over the sand dunes, you’ll feel like you’re floating on a sea of sand. Sand dunes are not flat and it will be great fun to ride down with high speed.